Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Zoning Has Done For Me

I began the study of FootZonology a year ago and have zoned myself regularly, primarily for practice in the beginning. I consciously noticed a few months ago that......I hadn't had cold or flu symptoms since I started zoning. Prior I had at least two good bouts with a virus every year. And I noticed that after zoning my daughter, Shelly, regularly she hadn't had as many illnesses as she had in the past. It seemed like her immune system was very weak and she was constantly sick; of course, then the boys were sick and they just kept it going. Now I'm zoning the little boys and they love it.

And another thing,,,,I haven't taken any meds for sinus, headache, backache, nor any type of medication at all. I'm medication free and that's a big deal to me. I don't have to worry where those things are being stored in my body....because that's what happens; they end up in our liver or brain.

First sign of a symptom or pain I go right to my feet.